Application whitelisting information for IT individuals


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Application whitelisting information for IT individuals

Hey there!

Whether you're an expert in network management within an educational institution or a sizable corporation, our goal is to simplify the process of enabling cutting-edge productivity enhancements for your students and workforce.

IP addresses

Due to the dynamic nature of our hosting platform, Vercel, Dysperse uses dynamic IP addresses. As a result, it is not possible to determine the IP address or address range because the IP may change at any time as the deployment scales instances or across regions.


Please whitelist the following domains for Dysperse to work on your network:


  • (Important, this is the user dashboard)

  • (Important, this is the API)

  • (Legacy dashboard, optional)

Or, use the wildcard domain to completely allow Dysperse

  • *

Email addresses

Please whitelist the following email addresses to send and receive emails with Dysperse:


Privacy policy

Please read our privacy policy here.


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