Redefining the future of productivity

The new Dysperse is here. See what's new in the 2024 update.


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Redefining the future of productivity

We're thrilled to unveil the completely rewritten and redesigned app for 2024. Our team has rebuilt Dysperse from the ground up with a focus on flexibility, speed, and perfecting every feature to boost your productivity.

#1 — New logo

We've revamped our brand with the updated Dysperse logo and brand colors. Rather than creating an all-in-one productivity platform, we're evolving into crafting a personal organizational powerhouse that prioritizes creativity 🌱, flexibility 🦄, and instinct 💡

#2 — Flexibility

Productivity should feel like home. People have different opinions on how they want to organize their life. Some people like setting specific deadlines, while others want a broader perspective. Dysperse is for all 💗

Gone with the days of being forced into a single kanban board view. Dysperse now allows you to create multiple "Collections" and switch between viewing them in different layouts like planner, grid, kanban, and more.

#3 — Speed

We've engineered our app to perfection; allowing you to access your lists at the speed of thought. With the new Dysperse app, you can almost instantly see preloaded collections thanks to our caching system ⚡

#4 — Focus panel

Receiving feedback from you, the community, we found the old focus mode was great, however, it blocked user navigation and forced users to stay on one view—perspectives. The limitation created a non-autonomous environment that developed an inconvenience for many.

Meet the all-new focus panel. It's a fixed sidebar in the right hand section of your screen. The focus panel allows you to multitask with freedom, while still allowing you to navigate through the app.

#5 — Tabs!?

Previously, users navigated between boards/perspectives using a static list. However, this approached led to unnecessary clutter, which could have been avoided altogether.

Meet the all-new tabs. Similar to your everyday browser, Dysperse helps you navigate your productivity life at ease. Keep separate tabs for various modes, such as one dedicated to school and another for your personal life. Plus, tabs seamlessly synchronize across all your devices, ensuring instant access to your essential information whenever you need it.

#6 — Anywhere, anytime.

We've improved the ability to view your tasks across all you devices. Since your data's now stored on the cloud, you can access what's important anywhere, anytime. We've also upgraded our encryption hashing algorithm to SHA-256. It's the same algorithm many government organizations use to secure sensitive data.

A final note...

Heads up! There's a ton of cool stuff waiting for you in Dysperse that we didn't even cover in the article. Learn more on our homepage!

Whether you're a diligent high-school student juggling a myriad of classes or a seasoned professional navigating a demanding work schedule, Dysperse is designed to cater to your needs. Dysperse started in 2020, during the peak COVID-19 pandemic, and only grown ever since.

Our team is amazing, and we're always ready to hear your new feature ideas. It's truly an app to help all types of people, and if you feel like something could be done to suit your needs, feel free to reach out!

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Our team has spent months meticulously engineering the new app and would love for you to try it and let us know what you think! If you enjoyed our app, please spread the word. We can't wait to see what you achieve with Dysperse! 🫶🌱🚀

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Dysperse unveils its completely redesigned app for 2024, featuring a new logo and brand colors, enhanced flexibility with multiple collection views, lightning-fast performance, a multitasking-friendly focus panel, innovative tab navigation for seamless productivity, and improved cloud access with top-tier security. Discover a host of unmentioned features by exploring our homepage, designed for users from all walks of life. Join us in celebrating this milestone and try the new app for free.